Sunday, April 12, 2009

17. New York Times, Who Would Jesus Smack Down? By Molly Worthen

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New York Times, Who Would Jesus Smack Down? By Molly Worthen

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  1. Thanks for warning us all. Much harder to recover than to escape before the damage is done.

  2. You're welcome. Thank you for looking this over and for posting!

    Please spread the word re: this blog to others who have been spiritually/church abused, either at MHC, or at another church. I hope through my experience and research to help as many as possible and to alert the Christian community to what is actually going on at the 8,000 plus member church called Mars Hill.

    Take good care!

  3. a very captivating article

  4. 1. Song of Solomon
    2. You'd rather have the TV and internet telling 22 year old young men what sex is supposed to be like? C'mon.
    3. In the Greek language, Paul wrote about bloody tampons to the church, look it up. "Rubbish." Most people don't understand that the Bible in its original language is not in "nice language."

    It's either our generation learns about sex through media (which we'll agree is awful), or we learn through preaching. And the stupid preachers who back off and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings typically have the congregation full of cowards who are looking at porn all the time. I'm not stupid, I'm 19 years old, seen it and been there. I needed exactly what Mark gave me, a solid kick the in the butt.